Compte d’amour

Je compte les pas, je compte les jours

Qui me séparent de mon amour

Qu’ils me paraissent longs qu’ils me paraissent lourds

Les jours passés loin de mon amour

Tout tourne mal tout tourne court

Dans cette terne nuit où je vis sans amour 

Et je compte les lunes et je compte les jours 

Et les cheveux blanchis et les larmes perlées 

Loin de mon amour

Et je sais qu’il m’oublie et je sais qu’il me fuit

Qu’il voyage au long court

Et je compte les ans comme on compte les jours

Comme on passe le temps 

Lorsqu’on se meurt d’amour




Asme Feila : My best classical concert in SL for years !


And I would say : one of my best classical concert for years. Actually, I haven’t heard anything that good on piano since I saw François-René Duchâble last year and here she was : a pure magic moment of live SL. To ASME, nothing seams difficult. Adding a very light touch to a very sure musical sense, she is walking through Lizt and Chopin like if it was a quiet daily walk and make the tears rising to your eyes. No doubt that classical star is shining and will shine in SL sky. Thank you ASME and thanks to « Palais des demoiselles » for their brilliant idea to host that exceptional live event in their location !



Breakfast at Tiffany’s (a free dove gift)

I will probably learn nothing to you if you are an old Second Life avi but if you are a newcomer you will probably find useful to pay a visit at ‘free dove’ (in your search bar), the kind of place you say « if only I had known ! » after years of hanging around from places to places navigating threw Vampires and other thievers and finally coming back at home (or to your favorites sanbox) and finding out that what you took for great gifts are outdated since 2 years (20 in Second Life years), will never work or worst will still your hardly worn lindens behind your back while you are sleeping.
I have never been disappointed by a visit at Free Dove. The place itself is quite small and cozy. Nothing like those big hall where you lost yourself before you find the thing you are looking for. Here you will feel like at home in a kind of big big dressing room. Everything tastefully disposed by theme : women clothing, women hair, men clothing and so.
You will also appreciate to be a member of the group and to receive the notices from the designers working with Dove announcing their last release. Anyway,  you will be be sure to find great items, great groups offering worthy group gift, high quality products and great people.
I came by a few times since my first ‘if only I had known’ but I must say that I again was amazed by what I saw and yes I was taken by that kind of shopping fever, you know, when you just can’t stop buying. And everything is free ! And amoung  them was… That Tiffany’s dress and hat ! For free ! Unbelievable isn’t it ! So of course I went to the shop to pay a visit and you know what ? There are FIVE fantastic items that you can have for a 55L subscription. Didn’t I told you about worthy gifts !
What to say more ? Now it’s your turn for saying ‘if only I had know..’ No thanks needed… 3…2…1… Gooooo !

P.S. : No thanks needed to me but don’t forget to pay a visit to the shop designers, add yourself to the groups and follow them on their Flickr, Facebook or so.. But no doubt that you will become such fans that you will do anyway.